Meet the Collective

The Carolina Furniture Collective was established to showcase the work of talented furniture artists brought together by a common passion and the desire for community over competition. These women create statement pieces with quality vintage furniture built to stand the test of time. Each with a unique style, they hold themselves to the highest standard in refinishing. Locally and globally recognized, their work speaks for itself.

Molly - Vintage Grace Design

Modern, Chippy, Bold, Classic - Molly does it all! Her portfolio is diverse and showcases her talent to see potential in any style. Her years of experience shine through in flawless finishes and thoughtful design choices. Molly is a Wise Owl product retailer.

Chantele - Rusted Rose Vintage

Clean and classic! Chantele embraces all styles of furniture and the end result is always impeccable. From antique to mid century modern pieces, her color palettes and design choices never cease to impress. Chantele is a Wise Owl product retailer.

Jess - Oak | Grain Furniture Refinishing

Precision! Jess is very thorough in refinishing furniture. She prefers a seamless finish and takes extra care in making sure each piece meets her standards and will last for years to come. Her work is clean and timeless. With her keen eye for design, she also has passion for interior design and loves to share her process!

Crystal - Enhanced Life Furnishings

Go Bold! Crystal does not hold back in making bold color choices that always complement unique vintage pieces. Newer to the refinishing community, she’s making waves with a local magazine feature and a booked calendar for custom work.

Caroline - Living on Saltwater

Featured in Do It Yourself Magazine, Caroline is known for her impeccable detail in stenciling work. Her pieces have won and been nominated for awards with globally recognized Zibra Painting. She has been featured in local publications and podcasts.

Wendy - Southern Vintage Revival

A native to North Carolina, Wendy’s southern charm shines through in her work! While she’s often busy with her full-time job and children, she is following her passion in giving new life to old furniture. While new to the refinishing community, she has already been commissioned to refinish several pieces. She takes time to ensure her finished work is clean and classic. 

Michele - The Other Treasure

It's all in the details for Michele. New to the refinishing community, she takes extra care when it comes to precision and quality. From vintage to modern style, and classic to bold colors, Michele loves taking care of her clients.

Annalise - Refinished by Westphal

Annalise likes to use vibrant colors, natural wood, and high-quality materials to create a piece of furniture that makes a lasting impression. Whether it’s an antique heirloom or a modern piece in need of a refresh she is dedicated to creating a flawless finish.

Are you a fellow furniture refinisher interested in joining the Carolina Furniture Collective?