Easy Way to Line Drawers with Double-Sided Tape

There is no better surprise than opening up a drawer on a freshly refinished piece of furniture to find a fun pop of color or pattern!  While it’s totally option, learning how to line drawers is a great skill to have in your tool box when leaving the interior drawers natural just isn’t an option. Don't get me wrong, I love a natural wood interior, but many vintage drawers have stains or are downright ugly! In these cases, thank goodness for the magic of paper lining!

Lining drawers really elevates a piece and adds that extra, luxurious touch. Like icing on the cake!

There are lots of creative ways to line drawers, but this double-sided tape technique is my favorite to ensure the paper lays flat with no crinkles. If you’ve ever hung wallpaper you know how maddening the bubbling can be, but with this easy way to line dresser drawers a smooth final product is almost guaranteed! It's also much easier to remove the lining with this technique in the event the paper becomes damaged, dirty or you simply want a change in style. It won't leave you with a sticky residue when removed or compromise the interior wood if you change your mind later.

Overhead shot of drawer interiors showing black modern swan on white background wallpaper within drawers on a dresser with natural top and navy dipped painted design

What You'll Need:

- Paper (wallpaper or wrapping paper)

- Cleaning product (I used Krud Kutter)

- Lint free cloth

- Measuring tape

- Straight edge

- Pen or pencil

- Scissors or rotary cutter

- Razor blade

- Double sided tape


1. Clean

     Using your cloth and cleaning product clean the inside of the drawers. A clean slate will ensure proper adhesion.

Supplies you'll need for lining drawers with wallpaper

2. Select Paper 

     There are a few options on materials to use – wrapping paper, wallpaper or even fabric all act as great drawer liners. In my experience, the best material to line drawers with is a heavier, stiffer paper.

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3. Measure

     Using your measuring tape, measure the inside of the drawer. Transfer the measurements to the back side of the paper using your straight edge and pen.

Measuring interior of drawer with measuring tape

4. Cut 

     Then cut the paper with the scissors or rotary cutter.

measuring and cutting wallpaper for drawer liner

5. Apply Double-Sided Tape 

     Apply the double-sided tape on the longest edges. I personally like this double sided tape for lining drawers. The foam gives it a little cushion which just feels nice. 

measuring and cutting double sided tape and attaching it to the wallpaper edge

6. Adhere to Drawer 

     If you’re using wallpaper DON’T REMOVE THE BACKING. The double sided tape will act as all the adhesion that you need. This makes it so much easier to keep the paper smooth when installing and also easier to remove if the paper ever becomes damaged, stained, or you simply want to change up the style. 

Demonstrating removal of the double sided tape backing

7. Razor Blade Off Extra

     Not all drawers are perfect right angles. If the paper is a tad too long in one place, simply take a razor blade and run it along the edge to trim off any excess

Demonstrating how to use razor to trim edges of drawer liner

     There you have it! An easy way to line drawers with wallpaper or wrapping paper. Now go pick out some fun, coordinating paper & get lining. 

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